"Hi, my name is Phil and I'm a frame builder."

Phil Brown Picture

The AA style introduction seems appropriate because I'm a bike junkie.

                                                                     ...Been one for thirty years.

Most frame builders are. We like bikes so much that we're compelled to build them.

None of the builders I know, including myself, got into this to get rich.  A few make a good living. Others have jobs to support their habits. But we all love bikes.

I believe in a certain type of bicycle; the randonneur. It's a bike that you can pedal comfortably all day and all night. That's the kind of bike I make. Of course all my bikes are customized to your preferences.

I also believe in lugs, steel and an understated visual look that won't go out of fashion next year.

I use Henry James lugs, crowns and shells. Other styles are available but costs rise unpredictably because of supply and the extra time required to make them look good. My frames start at $1300. For that you get a frame and fork with a single color paint job by Cyclart or Joe Bell and normal braze-ons. Striping, panels and chroming are extra.

Delivery is generally 10 weeks but is really governed by my painter's backlog. I don't rush production of my bikes.


You'll be riding your Phil Brown for many years so what's a couple of weeks

Please take a look at some of work.  

Then lets talk... 


 Contact me at : Philcycles@aol.com  


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