Paul Stubblebine Mastering has recently moved and expanded. There were three main reasons for the move.

First, we wanted to offer all of our music clients mastering studios that are really dialed in, good places to really dial in the recordings.

Second, we thought that surround for music had progressed to the point that it made sense to have purpose-built surround rooms to do the best possible work for the new surround-capable music formats (see the SACD and DVD sections of the site.)

Third, and perhaps surprisingly, in light of the music industry's well publicized struggles, we have been feeling an increased vitality in the grass-roots music scene, especially here in Northern California. For all these reasons we felt that a new facility was the best way to be ready for the coming changes. ...more details.
Camellia Room Magnolia Room
Janice Lee
If you would like to get a look, or better yet a listen, to the rooms you're welcome to bring in any recent or current projects for some listening and evaluation. Bring your rough mixes in for a mix consultation with one of our mastering engineers before you print your final mixes. Call our studio manager Janice Lee to arrange things. 415-522-0108

Paul Stubblebine Mastering & DVD (PSM), in conjunction with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, hosted press tours for reviewers from audio magazines who were in town for The Home Entertainment show. Reviewers were treated to a playback of surround master tapes used to make Mobile Fidelitys first-ever surround SACD project the Minnesota Orchestra, performing Ravel orchestral works.

As part of the NARAS/SF Chapter of the Recording Academy Studio Training Session Series, PSM hosted Mastering: The Mysteries Unraveled in Sept. The series is targeted to Bay Area studio staff engineers and interns to learn more about the craft of engineering in a working studio environment. It is also an ideal forum to discuss, share and compare notes on the state of the art as well as the industry. Our thanks to Merl Saunders and Hilary Goss for all their help.

Paul Stubblebine and Michael Romanowski attended the Vacuum State of the Art Conference (more widely known as VSAC) near Seattle. This is a conference of the hi-fi DIY home constructor tube audio crowd. We have found that this group of designers, builders and modifiers sometimes come up with some very interesting design ideas. Plus, it's fun to hang with folks who are really into music and audio, even if it is more focused on home playback than recording. We have used amps and an electronic crossover from some of these folks in our big stereo monitors.

TAD, long a major player in professional studio monitors, has been developing a very interesting new speaker aimed at high-end home use. Just before putting it into full production, Andrew Young, the designer, brought a pair of prototypes to PSM for a couple days of intensive listening sessions. They have developed a new dual-concentric mid and tweeter using beryllium diaphragms. The large version of the system couples this with a midbass and two woofers. It has got a very detailed, very full range presentation - definitely a speaker to be reckoned with. Thanks to Tim Marutani, Spectral Electronics, Pass Labs, and Music Interface Technologies.

Paul Stubblebine recent mastering work includes:

Two CDs for Acoustic Disc: Sam Bush/David Grisman album titled Hold On Were Strummin and Riders In the Sky: Silver Jubilee a double CD celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band. Holly Near & Cris Williamson first full record together in a 25 year musical friendship released on Calico Tracks. The Mountain Goats (produced by John Vanderslice for 4AD); Prokofievs Ivan The Terrible for Mobile Fidelity (surround SACD recording of the St.Louis Symphony). Albums for Super Diamond, Steve Bahcall, The Kissers and Davey Pattison (produced by John Rewind; released on Rear Window Music). Also, artist Tim Janiss Beautiful America music accompanying a PBS television special on National Parks.

Michael Romanowski recent mastering projects include:

Albums for Rays Vast Basement; Mimi Fox (on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label); 4Deep/4nomenon, Nua (Latin/hip-hop); Spoke and Everything Nothing (both produced by Matt Boudreau); Tijuana Strip Club (a Randy Cordeiro project); Doug Blumer; Jacqui Naylor's Live at the Plush Room and continued work with producer Enrique Gonzalez (artists Desorden Publico and Negas).

Film & media projects include mastering the soundtrack of current indie release Confessions of A Burning Man; audio logo for Warner Channel/HBO/Latin America (produced by Enrique Gonzalez).

John Greenham recent projects include:

Noe Venable, the queen of the East Bay art folk scene's new album entitled The World is Bound by Secret Knots and A.J. Roach's album Dogwood Winter, both projects produced by Todd Sickafoose. A Dave Hollister compilation album titled Everybody Wants To Be Loved produced by Jimi Dright, for Herb 'N Soul Media.

Other album projects include Peter Allen, Walter Savage (produced by Babatunde Lea), Neurosis (producer Desmond Shea), Enda, Leopold, Excuses For Skipping, Bible Faith Remnant and Eugene Cole (producer Carl Wheeler).

Continued work with Cobiana Records (including a Jose Carlos reissue) and Saxony Records (producer Paul Trefzger).

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